8’0″ Ripper


Designed For:

Huge performance in a small package with what the 8-0 Ripper is all about. Enough control to get into some juice with a later take-off. Tons of fun in small to medium sized waves. Proven in a variety of conditions, this board responds. Fun paddling in flat water with less flat water glide than it’s brothers and sisters. If your looking to maximize all small to medium sized waves, this is the board.


8’ x 28 5/8” x 3 7/8”
Volume=98 liters

Weight recommendations:

Beginner up to 95 lbs
Experienced-up to140 lbs
Expert- up to 170 lbs


Bamboo wood veneer deck & Bottom
Rail colors: Red, Yellow, Aqua, pink, white, blue, orange