10′ 10″ PSH Hull Paddler

10-10 hull paddler stand up paddle board

Designed for:

The 10’10 PSH Hull Paddler was designed for a variety of uses. Bigger guys looking to surf waves will be stoked with the stability┬áthe extra width and thickness this board provides. It also is an excellent board for flat water paddling and downwind cruising. Or just hook some gear on and go fishing!


10’10” x 33 3/4″ x 5″
Volume=210 liters

Weight recommendations

Beginner-up to 300 lbs
Experienced-up to 340 lbs
Expert-up to 380 lbs


Red, blue, green, white, pink, yellow, purple









“It is easy to paddle for big guys”-Sam jr Vaoifi,








“Stoked on how well it hugged the wall”-Sam jr Vaoifi