Computer and Hand Shaping

Stand up paddle board design software.Some time long, long ago the first surfboards were made by hand using wood and crude tools to carve out the boards to ride waves to shore. As surfing gained popularity and the demand for better performing boards grew, materials got better and so did the tools to build them.

In this day and age using a computer operated machine for shaping boards is normal in the industry. It is an incredible tool. The true beauty of the machine becomes clear when a shaper gets educated enough using the machines computer program to its fullest. Boards can be done with great accuracy and most of all consistency when doing high quantities.

Paddle Surf Hawaii is ALWAYS striving to design better performing boards. We have over 500 boards on file. The computer allows us to go in and make changes at will without cutting anything or wasting material. We can open a certain board file and adjust things while looking at it from all angles much better than you could in a shaping bay. Volume, rocker, foils, outlines, rail contours etc, can all be adjusted to get the performance we are looking for whether it be a big change or a very small adjustment. After the machine cuts all the main components into a board they are then finished by hand.

Shaping by hand is still alive and well. PSH prefers the computer and machine. The shaping machine is not for all shapers. It’s definetly not for those shapers who are caught up in old school thinking or afraid of technology and change. It’s for those who want consistency in their products with the ability to advance rapidly without wasting time or materials. It’s for those who embrace technology. The worlds best performing jet planes, racing yachts etc are designed on computers by people who are passionate about ultimate performance. That’s exactly what we do at Paddle Surf Hawaii.

We are not hung up in the past so we are proud to take advantage of state of the art technology and tools to provide you with awesome performing boards… For us, it’s all about performance and change because PERFORMANCE MATTERS