Our Story

Stand Up Paddle Surfboards for Leisure Paddling, High Performance Surfing, and Racing

What Paddle Surf Hawaii is All About

We live here in Hawaii surfing the waves of our island home. PSH was created after we learned how to stand up paddle surf and discovered how fun it is. We were instantly hooked! Once we went through the learning stages we soon found out we were wanting to create better boards to better our paddling and surfing. We saw the incredible potential of what could be done with specially made high performance boards… Whether its just paddling for fitness or tearing up the surf, its all about having fun with Blane Chambers providing boards to stoke you out!

Stand Up Boards Perfect for Training and Ripping

Free yourself with stand up boards that paddle and surf insane. Paddle Surf Hawaii is the first company to do ALL STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS ALL THE TIME. Our customers include some of the best surfers in the world. They seek us out and love our boards! Contact us at aloha@paddlesurfhawaii.com or call (808) 842-9609.