Kook or Kool?

How are you representing stand up paddle surfing? Are you dangerous to others? Are you a wave hog?

With the explosion in popularity of SUP has come conflict in our already crowded line ups. In an effort to help our customers keep the peace, we have the come up with the following guidelines:

1. Don’t be a KOOK by learning how to SUP in a crowded lineup. SUP takes time to learn and to gain the skills necessary to control your board for your own safety and that of others. Be safe and KOOL by practicing in a calm area away from others.

2. A KOOK doesn’t use a leash while surfing an SUP or learning how to SUP in a crowded area.

3. It’s KOOL to take your time and approach surf lineups cautiously and with respect for others who are enjoying the waves

4. A KOOK gets a little comfortable on their SUP and then charges into a lineup without regard to the safety and presence of others. AGAIN, take your time and learn away from others. It is KOOL to learn on the inside, catching the small waves or reforms. You will gain respect from others in the lineup by doing that for sure.

5. A KOOK shows up at a new break with his SUP and paddles out to the top of the line up outside of everyone else. DON’T do the that. Instead, be KOOL and learn to watch for awhile and start surfing from the inside out. Catch the small stuff on the inside and work your way out. It’s KOOL to take your time. You may not get beyond the inside, but you will make more friends that way.

6. As you get better at SUP you discover that you can catch a lot of waves at every break you surf. KOOK! Learn to share and spread some aloha in the line up. Use your elevated sight line to let others know that the sets are coming and encourage them to catch the waves. It’s KOOL to share the stoke with others and share the waves.

7. If you have the choice between a crowded lineup with good waves and one farther off with average waves, it’s KOOL to make the paddle to the farther off lineup. SUP is about more than surfing, it is also about exploring and fitness. The great thing about SUP is that it opens up completely new breaks that traditional surfing has over looked. Take advantage of this when you can and be KOOL.

8. KOOK equals too many SUP at a break. Don’t join the crowd if there are already several SUP in a crowded lineup. Be KOOL and find somewhere less crowded where you can enjoy yourself.

9. Most of all remember the stoke of having fun. It’s KOOL to enjoy some ocean therapy on an SUP. Don’t act like a KOOK and ruin it for everyone else.